Our Methodology

Our 3 cornerstone model is our view on projects: each project benefits from knowledge of the following 3 domains: business, finance / accounting and IT. Each of these is vital to the successful delivery of a project.


3 corner project model Raven Consulting 

Raven Consulting focuses on professionals who show competence in multiple domains. We aim at becoming the preferred partner of each of our customers by delivering professionals to successfully cover all 3 knowledge domains in a project.

Each project has different stages: project management, analysis gathering, testing, technical implementation. Raven Consulting attracts professionals skilled in these stages and is able to cover the full life cycle of any project.

Thanks to our approach and organization Raven Consulting is able to lead a Project from A to Z (from business case to deployment and maintenance) or to reinforce client teams to plug either a gap in domain knowledge or a gap in skills. Our professionals actively contribute to achieving our customers' goals.



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