Organisations have woken up to the value, as well as the sensitivity, of their data. But while data analytics and machine learning create huge opportunities, they also introduce new and increased privacy risks

Privitar can help overcome those risks – and get more value from more data, more quickly – by engineering scalable, consistent privacy protection into your data operations.

That means organisations can use data for decision making, while keeping sensitive information safe.

The level of anonimisation can be finely tuned to suit different data applications, and can be performed in a reversible or non-reversible manner. This allows for:

  1. quick and safe access from even the most sensitive datasets
  2. control how datasets are linked
  3. keep track of datasets by using a unique watermarking technology
  4. enable data-driven innovation
  5. components can be reused, regardless of the business process to be supported 
  6. simplify (GDPR) compliance 
  7. enable multi-cloud deployment, including data as a service models

Raven consultants have been trained in deploying Privitar and incorporating it in an existing workflow, as well as unlocking and identifying new opportunities. We have a sound knowledge of the capabilities of the software and can adapt it to your products and processes.

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