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 A lot has changed in the mortgage industry in recent years. Partly because of the credit crisis, but also falling interest rates, new technology and changing customer behavior have triggered a wave of change throughout the mortgage value chain. 

Financial service providers have reacted to this with large programs to ensure that they have the best offer for their customers. A focus on digitization in the client relation and more straight through processing is an absolute must to gain speed in a value chain that is marked by a lot of intermediate parties and exhaustive process steps before the actual granting of the mortgage loan. Additionally, local regulators came into play with a lot of demands to protect the consumer and to ensure a financial service provider fully understands and remains in control of the risk  aspect. 

If the financial service providers do not want to be pushed into a role of administrative processing plant they will need to innovate… 

With Raven Consulting's mortgage domain specialists, you are sure to be able to tackle the challenges ahead. Whether you have a need for process reengineering, compliance, business analysis, digitization or getting a secure grip on a new value chain, our experts can get you on the right track and there will be commitment to deliver. 

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