Topicus focuses on ICT-based support for business processes in the financial sector. Topicus does this using the FORCE framework, a component-based framework which is able to provide significant automating of practically every financial process.

Topicus' view of support for business processes in the financial sector is based on the following key concepts:

  1. as much automated handling of processes as possible (STP)
  2. short time-to-market for the introduction of new products and processes
  3. distribution to other parties is possible via the “common workspace” concept
  4. omponents are reusable, regardless of the business process to be supported
  5. support for direct link with the customer (customer self service) 
  6. middle and back office can be supported by means of one application

Raven consultants have been trained in deploying Topicus Force. We have a sound knowledge of the capabilities of the software and can adapt it to your products and processes.

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